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Our beautiful womens designer clothing & legging store is located in the suburb of Stoneygate, 23 Francis Street, Leicester LE2 2BD where you can shop all your Venus Cow black staples for layering and styling - click to find out more

The difference between style and fashion is quality.

The space between cheap and expensive is affordable luxury.


As an ethical Made in Britain brand we are completely transparent about our supply chain


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A Little About Venus Cow

My perfect black leggings, the trademarked PBL, are knitted and manufactured in the UK and according to many celebrity legging lovers and my loyal customers, they are the best black leggings on the market right now.

Womens leggings are renowned globally in the active wear and fashion world for being cheap and see through, made overseas rubbish so I wanted to take on the challenge of creating quality leggings that are perfect. Leggings need to fit everyone, tall, small, thin or large, young or mature, so creating a magic two way stretch fabric, the kind good quality yoga pants in the US are made from, was a must for the PBL. Many young girls and women everywhere seem to struggle to find plus size leggings and cotton leggings that fit up to a size 22, so for all of you out there the PBL is that miracle wardrobe staple, coming up high enough over the hips to not give a muffin top and help create a flatter, smaller tummy.

Shirley Yanez is the CEO of Venus Cow. You can find more on Google+ and Twitter


Celebrities Love The PBL

Gaynor Faye

LOVE your leggings!!!! Huge fan xxxx

Celia Sawyer

(TV Presenter property developer & interior designer)
Girls you have to get these leggings @Venuscow comfortable, cozy and fit like a dream! x


(Singer & TV personality)
I absolutely adored the leggings