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Who would have imagined when Coco Chanel conjured the idea for a little black dress to suit all women the “LBD” abbreviation would become the most widely used & recognised term in fashion circles of any wardrobe staple.

With this in mind, when Shirley created her Venus Cow black leggings, crafted from cotton knitted specially to deliver all the qualities she required for her Perfect Black Leggings it was important the leggings had a distinctive and memorable name to brand them out from the crowd and so The PBL was born.


Like any great idea, a first it was critical the PBL be protected and easily distinguishable for our discerning customers from all other inferior black leggings. We have done this by placing the distinctive “PBL” label on the back of the leggings under the waistband and the PBL name is protected under a global trademark, giving our customers peace of mind when they purchase the PBL, perfect black leggings that they are getting a product of the highest quality and craftmanship and supporting a company committed to social change.

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