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Shirley Yanez is the CEO of Venus Cow. You can find more on and Twitter

Shirley is a passionate social entrepreneur with a deep commitment to UK textiles and British manufacturing. After making her own fortune as a financial headhunter in the City of London, losing millions on the stock market in 2000, she found happiness without money through self therapy following a near death experience. She has been offering free life coaching since 2005.

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After a 10 year climb back to success and frustrated by a lack of affordable, ethical, high quality staple clothing she designed her own collection for every woman.

The Venus Cow Collection includes her flagship trademarked product the PBL, perfect black leggings.


Shirley's Life Coaching

Shirley's common sense life coaching began in 2006 on The Trisha Show, Channel Five. She has worked at the highest level with corporate CEO's and business leaders and in the community with the addicted and homeless.

Shirley is the author of Help To Work Your Self Out.


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