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"The Brand You Wish You Could Afford and Can"

The Vision

to give all women access to clothing made from the finest luxury textiles

The Challenge

to make it attainable for the majority not aspirational for the minority

The Goal

to dare to imagine exactly what you want



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Imagine a luxury feels like nothing cotton collection of leggings, T shirts and bra tops so good you want to show them off on the outside

Imagine the perfect black legging over 4 sizes that fits everyone from a size 4 - 22

Imagine plain black simple stylish clothes you love to wear like nothing you’ve ever tried before

Imagine black staple foundation garments that hug your body, and make you feel slimmer without squashing

Imagine black staples that don’t lose their shape, never go baggy and fabric that gets better and better every time it is washed

Imagine beautiful layering pieces sustainably made in U.K., using only the finest textiles knitted in the Midlands, UK, where the chemicals used to dye and finish the fabric are disposed of safely and garments are stitched by a workforce that is not being exploited

Imagine a company committed to, ethical British manufacturing, British jobs, spotlighting the grave problems resulting from our over consumption of fast fashion and helping someone somewhere with free talk therapy with every PBL sold.

Venus Cow - the luxury black cotton staple brand you wish you could afford & can

You can connect with Shirley on her social media channels LinkedIn and Twitter + or download her free talk therapy podcast via iTunes.

Ex Hollywood celebrity stylist Shirley Yanez is a passionate social entrepreneur with a deep commitment to UK textiles and British manufacturing. After making her own fortune as a financial headhunter in the City of London, losing her self made millions on the stock market in 2000, becoming homeless in Los Angeles in 2004, she found happiness without money through self therapy following a near death experience. She has been offering free talk therapy since 2005. Shirley's common sense life coaching began on TV in 2006 on The Trisha Show, Channel Five. For the last 10 years she has worked at the highest level with corporate CEO's and business leaders and in the community with the addicted and homeless.

Shirley is eagerly anticipating the release of her fourth book The Mind Detective (Aug 15th 2019) She is the author of Looking For Harvey Weinstein, The Sport of Seduction and Help To Work Your Self Out.

Check out my More Venus TV channel. Thanks for visiting. Please subscribe, share and enjoy.

Shirley X

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