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So This Is Christmas?

posted on December 25, 2013 15:56 by

I am one of those non Christmas believers who has no idea why people in the box, other than perhaps sheer lunacy, spend months building up to a repetitive orgasm failure, once turkey is stuffed, presents opened and booze consumed. It has been really hard to spend a lifetime going through the motions of Christmas tradition, I have a massive family and am always wishing I could escape the whole thing, sometimes succeeding but more often than not, succumbing to the pressure and buying in.

This year I left all my gift buying to the last minute, a Christmas Eve heaven of my kind of miracles, like no people, big discounts and loads left to choose from, especially in TK Maxx where I always seem to sniff out a good quality designer brand bargain and yesterday was no exception.

When big bad sales everywhere wanted me to spend money I haven't got,  I did the whole thing, including wrapping paper for 10 adults and two small children in two hours, on a budget I was very happy with and could afford and without dreading then resenting the January credit card bill landing through the letterbox.

I did buy some nice cheese, walnut biscuits and salted caramel cheesecake for a Christmas Eve pig out from M&S which I have to say was worth every penny and something I totally enjoyed in preparation for the big bad lunch today, thank God it is only once a year.

The great thing for me this year is having an online business that stays open 24 hours, 356 days a year and never requires you leave the house to shop, the perfect diversion when the Queen’s speech comes on and the arguments or party games commence.

It might be wise for big brand retailers to take a leaf out of the virtual Cyber world of on-line shopping and just turn Christmas Day into another shopping day by opening their doors to all those addicted and desperate shopaholics stuck at home still eager to spend their money.

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