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Shop Till You Top Yourself

posted on January 12, 2014 16:05 by

Since finding complete balance in inner happiness myself, which then allows me to teach others the same, I never have ups and downs or mood swings because when you’re satisfied inside, desire loses its allure and shopping needs to be an amazing experience if retailers want my hard earned cash.

As an ex shopaholic designer driven and status anxiety junkie, I sometimes, if there is some spare cash to splash, go into my home town Leicester to indulge in a little window shopping with an open mind and prepared financially if I have a relapse and shop till I drop.

Yesterday was one of those rare times this actually happened. I was a really looking forward to a fashion fix without being sucked into the big brand vortex known as the aspirational shopping mall subconsciously steering its visitors into buying a life most cannot afford; it was something unique for me. Within 30 minutes of arriving in Leicester town centre I was forced into the big brand vortex known as Highcross simply because I’d failed in finding something unique enough to buy, so that's what’s happened to the independent High Street shops then, all put out of business by big brands.

I am sorry to say this but I have never seen such a load of cheap, disposable, badly made rubbish clothing in my life. I am a child of the 60s so fashion for me has spanned over 5 decades making me without a doubt, the expert eye for quality, stylish timeless, affordable pieces but not this time. I came home empty handed.

The big fashion brands have killed UK manufacturing, swapping Made in England quality garments for cheap made in the Far East disposable fashion, created in sweatshops by under age, under paid, slave labour and trends have all merged together because seasons have changed direction and the fashion industry has not.

I ended my day coming to the conclusion after such a dismal shopping experience, Venus Cow, my Made in England fashion collection will do very well once the world gets to feel the quality of the material, see the hand finished workmanship of the pieces and at the same time gets to feel good about helping to revive UK manufacturing.

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