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Venus Cow Hits Hollywood Back

Venus Cow Hits Hollywood Back

posted on February 08, 2014 16:10 by

OMG don’t you just love life when you discover something you fall in love with in a heartbeat?

I have just returned from trip to LA which for me was like going back in time - I lived there until 2005, to a place where I almost died, homeless and penniless after some really bad choices and some bad luck. It was so unbelievable what happened to me I wrote a book about it.

Final days in LA homeless shelter spent on Venice Beach

To make sure the pain of revisiting LA would be bearable, I decided to book into The Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood. When I lived in LA, before my world fell apart, this was one of the hardest places to penetrate as this hot spot houses the famous celebrity hang out, The Sky Bar where the guest list is more secure than the Pentagon but hotel guests have automatic access.

It turns out times have changed. Asia de Cuba one of my favourite restaurants had moved to London and the new hot spot at The Mondrian Ivory On Sunset  was the new place to be seen but only if you're under 25. Of course for me those days are well and truly gone, the Sky Bar is still cool but on reflection I go to bed early these days and so I chose to move hotels after the first night to somewhere less noisy and more me.

The London, West Hollywood just a bit further down Sunset seemed like the perfect place to experience a bit of home, the only place in LA with an open dog policy so all pooches welcome, as an animal lover I approve.

It has been a while since I have stayed somewhere so welcoming and comfortable. The room mini bar blew my mind, as good as anywhere I have stayed ever, it contained all the luxury treats I love when going to the movies; not cheap but worth every penny, Jelly Beans, toffee popcorn, Green and Blacks chocolate, apple pies and amazing hand cut crisps. The room was massive with views off the Pacific Design Center and the City of Angels beyond it. The hotel is the only one in LA to have it's own screening room so if it's networking you need there is always something interesting going on and someone interesting to bump into.

I was in Los Angeles to reconnect with some of my contacts and clients, introduce my PBL perfect black leggings to all the fashion stylists in town, and find the perfect place to get them showcased in Hollywood so my Californian customers have somewhere in LA they can pick up a pair without waiting for them to be shipped from the UK.

I had booked The London for six nights. The first day by the pool, after the best breakfast I have had in ages, I found myself sunbathing next to Jessie J  in town recording some tunes. We got chatting and I did end up giving her a pair of the PBL.  She has such a big influence on young girls, so I felt it was MEANT TO BE.

It was not long before I found myself in the hotel boutique, hair and nail salon owned by Alex Roldan, looking at the most unique, handpicked, beautiful pieces from jewellery to bags to fashion. I loved the eclectic nature of the shop, everything chosen by someone with impeccable taste, I knew this was the right home for my Made in UK  luxury leggings  within seconds of meeting the staff and enjoying the whole stylish, friendly experience. I told my story, how I had fought back, everyone was completely inspired and the gorgeous girls on staff all raved about the leggings.

It was surreal to be back in 5 star comfort hobnobbing with Hollywood's elite once again but life is a journey and although my time spent homeless in the US was horrific at the time it gave me empathy for others a gift I now cherish.

The PBL perfect black leggings are available in Los Angeles. Exclusive stockist The London West Hollywood, Alex Roldan Boutique, 1020 N. San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. USA

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