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How To Make A Man Desire You

posted on October 16, 2014 16:25 by Shirley Yanez

If there was a magic wand that could make a man desire you and I owned it, I would be a billionaire by now! Life is like a simple walk in the park. You always get what you attract back into your life, so if you give off a "I am desperate and just want a man in my life come what may" vibe you will get one for sure but for all the wrong reasons. I am a great believer in the saying “Better to be alone than wish you were alone” because it’s never going to work with a man if you trap, trick or beg for his love. Men like to chase not be chased.

If you truly want to make a man desire you it’s important you understand their basic needs, when they first clap eyes on you it usually all begins with eye contact, a big smile and then either great conversation or his eyes divert to your breasts or bum if talking is not an option.

Rule number one:

You will not be desired if you are pissed, passed out or partying so hard you have become more male than female. Men like women who act like women.

If you have already made the fatal mistake of getting pissed and have woken up in bed with a complete stranger, a mammoth hang over and no memory of the evenings shenanigans, getting him to desire you might be tricky, more likely he will find an excuse to kick you out. 

Rule number two:

Never do the deed before you do the deal. Once he has had you, he is unlikely to want to get to know you more, unless for a quick shag on his terms.

Men look for sex first and find love second, so be sexy for sure, even flirtatious but hold back on giving him sex until you know what his intentions are. I know in this sexualized society this might sound out of date or old fashioned but we all know that walk of shame only leads to misery, regret and endless tears desperately looking for anything to make him want to see you again.

Rule number three (and most important of all):

Remember if a man desires you, he will do anything to impress you because all males love the chase and the kill even more. So be the bait but never have sex until the 10th date.

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