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Think About Your New Year Resolution NOW

Think About Your New Year Resolution NOW

posted on January 08, 2015 16:32 by

The first week of a New Year is always for many a bit of a let-down, often because the long drawn out climax of the Christmas period comes and goes with the blink of an eye, leaving us with massive credit cards bills looming to pay for it all. It makes me laugh every New Year to hear people saying they have a list of resolutions, like quitting smoking or giving up booze because unless you implemented these new regimes on December the 31st, you immediately fail to start the New Year in the way you mean to go forward. Let’s face it having a mammoth hangover on New Year’s day unable to get off the couch in case you throw up, is not really the great start to a “New Year, New You” is it?

I went to bed a 9pm on the 31st because I wanted to wake up fresh and get ready to take my business to a new level, selling to women all over the world takes some focus but being excited with a purpose is what sets up the best from the rest. I began the first day of 2015 visiting the mill where my fabulous material is knitted because like me the people I choose to work with never really rest, (when you work at what you love, you never work again) and I was so happy to discover the new batch of cotton was to die for and I was very happy to hear the dying and finishing process for my fabric was being done using  less toxic chemicals than ever before.

My goal has always been to build a British brand that takes us back to the principles and good practise of a time gone by.

Watch a short film from the factory showing the PBL manufacturing process.


If you are one of those people who woke up depressed, dehydrated and dizzy on New Year’s day desperate to hide under a duvet for the next month until Valentine’s day comes around giving you your next excuse to drink, shop, eat and be merry, then take a leaf out of my book and find yourself a purpose driven life. You may be asking yourself how do I do this and the answer is simple, if you want change in your life, it is you who has to change and you begin with a dose of the truth, a long hard look in the mirror and a promise to yourself to make better choices and stick to them going forward. Read more

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