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Has Lauren Silverman Bagged Her Fairy-Tale Prince?

posted on August 27, 2013 18:02 by

Sometimes as a life coach trying to understand then teach people how to work themselves out in order to be happy, I study the behaviour of high profile celebrities to find inspiration. When you think you are invincible because your ego has taken over all reality and your money buys you whatever you desire, personal standards and boundaries become grandiose and shocking. We all make mistakes because no one is perfect but there are mistakes and just plain stupidity, especially when the whole world has their eyes on you swimming in a fish bowl.

Recently I have been studying Simon Cowell in order to find out why someone so high profile, he has created his own rules, personal standards and boundaries would not have the sense to realise the whole world is waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. I began my study about two years ago and quickly realised by his personal tweets, social media and press coverage, Simon was having some compulsive behaviour problems, like chain smoking, then blueberry binging to help protect his body from the deadly consequences of inhaling nicotine.

He also appeared to becoming obsessed and OCD about having Botox, fillers, facials, daily oxygen jabs and more vitamin pills and anti-aging lotions, than his harem of middle aged ex-girlfriends all put together. I noticed some yo-yo weight loss and then gain back problems which coincided with bouts of over working and partying all-night, often photographed in the press looking positively plastic and bloated.

I did write to him 6 months ago out of concern and offered to help work himself out, for free, to help him quit smoking and maybe do some life coaching on time management, personal growth and healthy, happy lifestyle but I guess it got binned as spam, as a reply never arrived.  

So I read this weekend, after watching closely the media play out a shattered fairy-tale story of betrayal by best friends, deceit, promised pre nups, adultery papers filled in court and endless ex-girlfriends rallying in a last ditch attempt to be the one, Lauran Silverman bags her Prince.

On the surface this story should warm all our hearts because we are all suckers for a happy ending but anyone who is thinking, centered and not invincible, will look deeper than the surface and admit this fairy-tale is real life and love is a drug.

When I looked closely at the media pictures posted yesterday, beautifully staged and played out by both Simon and Lauran to look happy and madly in love, I saw something completely different. I saw two people who have just experienced everything that is destructive and dangerous about the fairy-tale happy ending, loved up parading a growing baby bump, a packet of menthol fags and no mention or glimmer of her young, recently devastated little boy back in New York. Let’s hope he never gets to see these pictures.

My advice to Simon is simple, give up smoking now you have a baby and a step son to model good behaviour to and recognise this new part of life is not a reality TV show designed to influence people to buy into it by media manipulation but could prove to be that fatal mistake everyone is waiting for. I hope this is not a fatal mistake because he does look happier and that would be a good thing, much more wholesome and real than an empty life of botox fillers, weight and age paranoia and contantly having to worry what the world thinks about you.





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