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New Website Live And Kicking

posted on August 22, 2013 18:11 by

The new Venus Cow website is now live. It has been such a long journey since I almost lost my life in 2005 to try and rebuild and reinvent myself but as they say, all good things come to those who never give up hope. There have been some bumpy rides along the way on this life changing journey from homeless, penniless and dying to Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Fashion Creator but I got there in the end I am excited to state.

 The Venus Cow Lifestyle shopping and Life Coaching website is all about you and having you in mind body and soul always. I will be adding new stuff all the time from more staple fashion pieces, to top tips, advice and free inspiration.  My blog is going to be all about positive thinking, climbing mountains and helping you all discover new things about yourself you had no idea existed.  We all want to be happy, healthy and thin, looking fabulous but life circumstances and emotions get in the way, so finding time for ourselves gets lost in the chaos.

 If you have a mentor, someone who kicks ass, tells it as it is and constantly keeps you focused and excited, then I believe anything is possible.  Feeling happy and looking good go hand in hand because when we are happy, we smile and when we smile, we give off good energy which is then returned by everyone we come into contact with.  There are no excuses when it comes to why you are not able to get yourself out of a rut because we all have choices, that is a fact but many of us have no idea how to recognize or implement them.

 Venus Cow will show you how to change the way you think by building confidence and bridges between where you are now and where you long to be really, if you had the chance. No matter what you want to achieve in your life, be it losing weight, getting a new job, finding romance or learning how to style yourself, it all begins with desire.



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