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Why To Brand Out From The Crowd

posted on July 27, 2015 09:08 by

This week I decided to treat myself to a new dress because I had been invited to Ascot by the lovely Sinitta for a corporate fun lunch and like all women, I didn't have a thing to wear.


I thought about wearing my own Venus Cow black lace dress but it’s July, the summer and I wanted something light, colourful and appropriate for a race meeting, so some retail therapy was a must. After 3 hours of shopping, trailing stores, rummaging rail after rail of short sleeved, cheap nasty clothes for girls who don’t eat anything, I had almost given up all hope of ever finding anything that might work.


As I made my way back to my car I noticed a cool light scuba bodycon dress in the window of Reiss, the new Autumn collection, priced not to high, affordable luxury for this one occasion and a useful staple to have in my wardrobe for the future. I tried it on and it fit but I didn't have the right shoes or underwear on, so I could not get a true feel of how it would work on the day. In a hurry, over the shopping experience, desperate for a cup of tea, I purchased the dress and went home.


As usual on the day I was a little bloated, it was pouring with rain and too cold to wear a dress, so I had to rethink my whole plan and the dress would be returned the next day, as a big bad impulse purchase for a refund on my card, or so I thought.


I took the dress back into Reiss the following day in the original bag with tags on and perfectly packed as purchased in order to get my refund. I was so shocked and very angry when the boy behind the counter handed me a store credit and asked if there was anything else I liked the look of in exchange for the dress. I said I didn't normally shop in Reiss and would like a full refund please but to my horror I was told the brand policy was to never give a refund, just offer the customer a credit note. He told me to look at a notice on the counter with this policy rule typed in the smallest letters almost impossible to read even with glasses, then said he would not shop in there with this rule as he thought it was not ethical or right.


I am now stuck with a credit note I cannot spend because I didn't like anything else, Reiss have me over a barrel and as such have lost me as a future customer, go figure that brand model if you can! In this current fashion climate every new customer who walks in the store is like gold dust and every brand should be confident enough to allow us to try at home and if we change our mind, get a full refund. We all make mistakes when it comes to fashion and with cheap fabrics, bad sizing, no quality, stretch, comfort or sleeves, it’s essential we are given the chance to change our minds and get our money back, especially if a brand wants to stand out from the crowd and survive in this current economic climate. 

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