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Rescue @VenusCow Boutique

Rescue @VenusCow Boutique

posted on June 21, 2018 12:16 by VenusCow Admin

Meet Hollywood celebrity stylist Shirley at our styling studio Rescue, in Leicester, UK where you can shop for the world's best black leggings, get the LA VIP experience and take a peek inside a real stylist's wardrobe.

When we decided to open the first flagship store for the PBL Perfect Black Leggings we wanted to offer our clients something really special and unique to brand us out from the crowd.  Years of experience working in Hollywood as photo stylists and an unrivalled collection of high end designer fashion, shoes and accessories mean visitors to Rescue @venuscow might find themselves styled in something worn before on a red carpet, styled for an awards ceremony or in a Vogue fashion spread.

We bring the fresh from LA "Athleisure" approach to our easy styling formula we teach all our clients so you can guarantee you always look younger, hip, cool yet appropriate regardless of age, shape or size.

The Venus Cow black cotton staple collection (including the best leggings in the world proudly Made in UK (PBL global trademark)) is designed to create with our luxury feels like nothing bra top and T shirt shapes the perfect blank canvas - life mannequin (hiding and smoothing lumps, bumps, muffin top and wobble)

Once we have the best body frame possible to work with it is much easier to style you focusing on all your best features and disguising anything you are self conscious of and for only a £60 investment you get two Venus Cow pieces you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Our goal at Rescue (where Shirley can often be found combining styling with life coaching) is always about rewarding our amazing loyal clients with a wonderful, positive, fun experience every time they visit and ensuring you leave us with a confidence boost, ecstatic, with wearable unique pieces that make complete outfits, not with another duplicate piece (something you already have) or a mistake.

Our style studio is full of pieces ranging from runway couture like Chanel, Dior, Balmain to the High Street, like Kate Moss for Topshop collected over years and each chosen for their individual beauty and style (not value). And even better they are all at significantly less than the retail price as it is important to us there is something for everyone whatever your budget and don't worry about ever being over sold as our precious pieces only leave Rescue when we are sure they will be worn and loved not left to rot in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Our styling service is free to Venus Cow customers. As a social enterprise supporting free life coaching for the homeless and addicted what we do is never just about the money.

We are located in the stylish suburb of Stoneygate, Leicester. UK at 23 Francis Street, LE2 2DB and are open 11am - 4pm Wednesday to Saturday. We also offer private styling by appointment.


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