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How To Create A Cute Outfit With Leggings Under £10

How To Create A Cute Outfit With Leggings Under £10

posted on August 04, 2014 12:53 by

As an ex shopaholic I never lose the desire to buy cute fashion outfits. Over time I have just learnt to be more savvy by buying only the must have pieces I really need to add value to my collection and not the in the moment mistakes I always regret that end up stuffed in the back of my closet! I am always showing women how to wear leggings because most people just put on the first thing they grab in the morning without really constructing amazing legging outfits others will compliment and envy, mostly because it seems easier.

I love the car boot and when the sun is shining it's a great way to get up and out on a Sunday morning, have a stroll and bag a bargain. My local car boot sale, Croft, Leicestershire is where I found the Richmond jacket for a few pounds.  The key to successful styling on a budget and how I easily create black legging outfits without much effort or expense is about being flexible, open and creative and using the best elements I can get my hands on, an expensive jacket is an expensive jacket second hand or not.

I picked up the Richmond black designer fitted stylish jacket for £3.00 and  a bright Zara T shirt £2.00 which looked brand new, my Venus Cow PBL, almost new Nike trainers from a charity shop, £5.00. I added my own Beverly Hills polo sunglasses, £19.99 from T K Maxx and my fake Cartier tank from Puerto Banus Saturday market.

I think you will agree, this black leggings outfit looks simple but chic, expensive but not over the top and shows with good quality non see through cotton leggings, my PBL you can shop second hand without anyone having a clue, a whole new spin on the saying "one man’s trash is another man’s treasure"! 

You don’t always have to buy new, (as the joke may end up on you) get out to the local car boot sales and hunt through the charity shops for fabulous unique fashion items that can stand the test of second time around.

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