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Is The World Coming To An End?

posted on January 15, 2011 13:38 by Shirley Yanez

It is really hard to talk openly about the state the world is in right now and that is because we are all afraid of dying but surely if we are so afraid of death, why are we are not doing something about the reality? When we think outside the box we begin to see just what is happening around us. The Internet has become a mirror allowing us to face our behaviour and see just what a mess we have made of this wonderful thing called life.

Let's take the weather first.

Our climate is changing fast and fighting back with a vengeance and will cause at some point a global disaster, even if we change our behaviour and cut out all gas emissions from now on. Natural disasters and bad weather has caused havoc for Brazil, Australia, Haiti, Pakistan and even the UK this year with unprecedented freezing temperatures. Hurricanes, forest fires, tornadoes, volcanoes, extreme heat, snow, ice, drought and floods are happening right now, seeing rivers of mud tore through towns, throwing cars and buildings in the air, leaving thousands seeking shelter. When it is snowing in the Nevada desert, dead birds in the thousands are falling from the skies and 100,000 dead fish pile high on the beaches, it is time to listen to mother nature and take some personal responsibility.

In our "we want it and we want it now" society, motivated by constant consuming, throwing away and greed, we are still not happy in reality and will just keep glibly taking until we have nothing left.

It is a rotten shame to think in places like Haiti, where every second has become a treacherous test in survival tactics, young girls are forced to sell their bodies just to pay for a tent to sleep in.

The final straw has to be what we have done to our animal kingdom, those helpless creatures of nature pumped to bursting with hormones and chemicals before ending up as dinner on our plates, in order to line the pockets of greedy supermarket chains.

So in conclusion lets hope there is no accountability to some greater energy once we leave this place we have almost destroyed without conscience and lets hope if there is we are forgiven for being ignorant selfish and very naive.

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