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Our Sexualised Society

Our Sexualised Society

posted on December 07, 2010 13:41 by Shirley Yanez

The idea of any sexual self control is completely foreign to our increasingly sexualised society, as is the sanctity of sex itself. In a time where prostitution, pornography and promiscuity are rife, people have simply forgotten what is special about the intimacy of sex. A period of celibacy is not just for nuns but for anyone with some self respect. When we separate sex from love, we travel down the road to selfish sexual hedonism, missing the gift to explore intimacy with one special person.

We are exposed to sexually provocative images on a daily basis - on TV, in magazines, newspapers (all types of advertising), and we are often at a loss when it comes to being faithful to our partners. No matter whether you believe in creation or evolution, nobody can deny that sex is an intrinsic part of a human being's functionality. We live in a world of instant gratification now, the instant fix, so to see an example of such dedication to principles can only be a positive thing, especially for young people. You could see Celibacy as a way to stop you have a relationship for the wrong reasons, lets face it we have all made the mistake of doing the dead before we have done the deal, then spent weeks feeling worthless, used and unhappy. My advice to young women who are single is simple, you cannot look for love only attarct it, so stop looking and when you next find yourself in that hot, passionate moment of lust, look him in the eye and ask

" Am I the one or just a shag for the evening."

Sex is a really healthy thing if you are in a monogamous relationship but a very unhealthy and dangerous thing both physically and mentally, if you are sleeping around with random partners, after too much to drink. So if you are spending your life waiting for the next sexual encounter, be it a quickie, short or long term relationship, remember it is all temporary and to be free from all that, leaves you open to truly get to know someone for who they really are and not what they can give you in the moment.

Sometimes we are forced by the media to conform, to do what others think we should be doing, that we oftentimes lose sight of our goals and lose touch with our identities as well. Desperately trying to fit in, especially when each of us is different and unlike anyone else is what makes us unhappy and always remember it is our uniqueness that makes life an exciting and exhilarating adventure. I say dare to go against the grain!

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