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A Big Surprise For Plus Size Leggings

A Big Surprise For Plus Size Leggings

posted on April 13, 2015 10:23 by

In a world where looking like a stick insect determines how beautiful you are I have done my research and it seems to me that there are more beautiful curvy girls out there than stick insects.

As a curvy size 14-16 myself I struggle on both the High Street and in high end designer brands, they are worse than anybody, to find something that fits me comfortably but at the same time leaves me looking on trend. When I buy jeans or skinny stretch trousers I always get a muffin top therefore revert straight back to my perfect black leggings. One way to being comfortable and on trend for plus size women is to wear active wear like yoga pants which are great for the day time and there are a lot of good brands around but sadly because of coloured trim, stitching detail or shiny fabrics they don’t translate into evening wear or looking smart or dressed up in the day.

In the US alone the plus size market is worth 17.5 billion dollars and only 9% of brands are catering to this market , size 14 plus. I wanted to create a good quality black legging that didn’t just fit a a size 4 but would also fit up to a size 22 as we are all beautiful and we all deserve to find fabulous staples.

The key to this achievement is using high quality fabrics and developing a unique 2 way stretch that when made up into a legging fits and moulds to any individual figure. Spanx and other body shaping fabrics can squash you and leave you looking like a sausage in a skin especially us more curvy girls.

If you are looking for something that is Made in England, makes you look and feel thinner and is affordable luxury I believe, certainly for myself I’ve created the perfect black staple collection including the trademarked PBL, perfect black leggings that ticks all the boxes for me; ethical, comfortable, Made in England well fitting luxury clothing.

You always know you have got something right when celebrities, who can afford to buy anything, prefer to choose your collection. I am extremely proud Miss Gemma Collins, star of Towie and trailblazer for all plus size women not only wears my  plus-size black leggings herself and loves them but she even stocks them in her own Brentwood boutique for all her plus size customers to enjoy.

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