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My Lunch With George Clooney

posted on November 21, 2013 14:33 by

Starting a fashion brand is rather tricky these days when the whole media, magazine and TV platforms are run like an "in club" where money talks and anything real, desperately trying to break in, gets ignored or deleted unless you have money to spend on advertorials. I find it really sickening to my stomach that people like Kelly Brook open a new restaurant and the Daily Mail have three different made up stories about her, giving enormous coverage and exposure for her opening night. I also see Kim and Kanye making millions daily for their brands, just because their faces are splattered all over the place and the truth is who really gives a fig? I don't but I do give a fig about the sustainability of UK business, the planet and all those small businesses, like mine out there struggling to make it alone in a hashtag world.

The reason the high street is dying, the fashion business is stuck and the newspaper magazine businesses are over is because they have flogged the same old, same old, wannabe celebrity faces over and over again until it is hard to know what is real and what is just made up for some paid exposure. Fashion magazine editors in ivory towers and young inexperienced wardrobe stylists are all enjoying endless rounds of never ending goodie bags, offering fake lovey dovey tweets in return for the freebies, that no one reads because they are all too busy talking about themselves to even notice.

It makes no sense whatsoever to keep using the same wannabe celebrities over and over, until they have to invent completely untrue stories in order to fill the pages of a newspaper or magazine because it is clear by the drop in sales, this kind of journalism is just not cool or read by anyone with a brain.

If I was to get someone like George Clooney to agree to have lunch with me on an outside table at Scotts restaurant, the paps would click away and my business would take off like a rocket to the moon. So all I need to do now is hunt him down and beg him to let me buy him lunch. Sad sad world we live in when this unattainable, pie in the sky idea is all I can hope for when it comes to getting some much needed free press.

P.S. If anyone has his number or a way of contacting George tweet me @venuscow because I am listening

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