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My Budget Christmas Top Tips

posted on October 22, 2013 15:03 by

When I was very rich Christmas for me was simple, spend, spend, spend! My family and friends could always rely on me providing the very best food, drink and gifts money could buy. After all Harrods was my second home and showing off, my passion. These days after losing all my cash and having to get creative without spending and showing off, I am now an expert at saving money when it comes to any grand occasion, like Christmas. 

As a life coach now, I always find it really hard to understand why people put themselves under so much unnecessary pressure for just one day in the year,  starting the preparation  months in advance. It is all about a price war for the stores who want you eating mince pies in October, drinking sherry in November, their plan to have you spent out by December 25th! No wonder everyone is overweight, tired, depressed, broke and washed out by January and all for what?

This year things are very tight for everyone and I’ve heard some people are even considering cancelling Christmas altogether, which if you are broke is the most sensible thing you could do in reality. Just because you have no money does not mean you have to be miserable or miss out, you just have to think outside the box and do something unique and different. I have listed below things I discovered when I had no cash to splash. I have to say the biggest thing was having no stress, which is more important than anything else when it comes to personal happiness.

How To Make A Free Homemade Christmas Tree

Go out into the woods for a nice long walk with the family and have some fun collecting yourself as many large twigs and sticks as possible. When you return home spray everything silver and gold with any old paint you have and leave to dry overnight. The following morning build a tall structure by layering the twigs on top of each other, securing with a glue gun until you have the height you desire. Don't worry about it being perfect. Once you have this ready decorate the tree structure with anything you can find that means something special to you then add your old Christmas lights. It will look amazing, be fun to do and will cost you nothing but your time.

How To Make Your Home Smell Christmas Wonderful

Place two large oranges in a low oven with peel still on and bake slowly for a few hours. The smell is amazing!

How To Wrap Your Presents To Look Unique and Cost Very Little

It’s a great idea to use up any old wall paper, newspaper or brown packing paper to wrap your gifts and then use old ribbon, wool or string to tie bows.

These days I give my time to make sure those who have nothing, like the homeless, have a great day. Volunteering at the local shelter costs nothing but your time, so try it this year yourself and remember this holiday is not all about shopping, stress and money. It’s about giving your time and good will to all.

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