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How Changing The Way You Think Will Transform Your Life

posted on October 03, 2013 15:28 by

Life to me is like a book and we all read it. Happiness is a true blessing and we all need it. Happiness comes from escaping your denial by learning to smile because we are all here for just a while. Life is never about fitting in, it’s about being yourself. The past can reflect who you are today but may not reflect who you are in the future because it’s not always about how long you try but about how hard you try.

If you spend your time around wise people, you will become wise. If you spend your time around people who are rich, you will become rich. If you spend your time around people who are stupid, you will act stupid. Happiness is never stopping to think you are. If you take a look deep inside your soul, you will simply find what you need to fill the big black hole. The only reason to look down on someone is to help them up. As Gandhi once said “an eye for an eye and we are all blind”.

A healthy lifestyle is all about changing the way you think in order to pursue happiness by recognising material wealth is not the key to reaching your goals. Only true personal happiness poor, will help set you free from tradition, the human condition because when we are financially poor, we have no choice but to look deeper for the meaning to life. We only know what we know, until we know something else, so if we begin to change the way we look at our life, our life will change. We have to do the work, no instant fix, payday loan, Chanel bag or cream cake will make you happy long term because the more you have, the more you want, and it’s a treadmill.

Once we know something else, we have choices and choices give us options. Ask yourself this question. Would you be happy if you got a call to say you had won the lottery? Now ask yourself this question, would you still be happy if they rang back and said they had made a mistake and you had not won the lottery? If you believe that money and shopping will bring you instant happiness, you have got it wrong, trust me I know. Of course money is a necessity in this world we live in but it is not the main ingredient to your happiness. We all deserve to be happy and that comes from giving more than we take.

We have to always learn from our mistakes in the past to help us do better in the present, to succeed in the future. The biggest mistake we all make is lying to ourselves about who we are and what we want. It is so easy to convince yourself when you are thinking about making personal changes, like going on a diet because you are fat and your health is at risk, to leave it until tomorrow but remember tomorrow never comes, so you will always be fat.

Its time to take back control of your life before its too late and start to get real about what you really desire. You will always think you are happy if you constantly live in the moment, the instant fix but you have to remember whilst ever you are stuck, you are not moving forward.

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