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How To Stay Young and Vibrant

posted on October 02, 2013 15:29 by

How do I stay young, is the most frequently asked question by women suffering with status anxiety, forever looking outward for the instant fix, the miracle creams, the magic lotions, powerful potions or plastic surgeon but in reality we are what we eat, so beauty comes from within. If you spend your life obsessed with how you look, you will never be happy because the more you fret about what is wrong with you, the less time you have to nurture what is amazing about you.

When I had it all and could buy myself anything I desired in order to get noticed because in reality that's why we do it always caring too much about what others think, I was still miserable regardless of how many Chanel suits I owned and yes I did get attention but it was always the wrong kind of attention. These days I still love to look younger but I prefer to feel younger and that comes from designing the perfect healthy lifestyle anyone can afford and easily stick to.

You don't need to be a millionaire to pamper yourself. You just need to understand what you need to eat in order to get amazing results on the outside and the great thing about this lifestyle plan, it comes cheap because what is from the earth, as I have said before, is the greatest of worth. What we put in our bodies as our fuel is what we become on the outside. So if you truly desire fabulous skin, shiny hair and a slim, firm figure, all you have to do is eat the right food. Just because you are living a budget lifestyle does not mean you are poor or have to eat poorly.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts, avocado, fish, soya, the colourful food groups, all can be purchased from the local market in abundance for cheap, so there are NO excuses. Anything you put in your body that is white; like bread, rice, potatoes will not give you the fresh faced and fabulous firm slim body you desire so cutting them out is essential if you long to look healthy, fresh and younger.

Dry skin is never going to make you look younger because you will appear dull and lifeless, so you must use a moisturizer everyday on your face. This does not need to be expensive or a brand, try Nivea or Dove, they both work just as well. Keeping your eyebrows plucked and tidy can also take years off the way you look, so have a go yourself and see how you get on because practice makes perfect.

Walking everyday is the perfect way to keep fit, young and healthy and if you can slot in a yoga session twice a week, yoga is something you can do at home and is free, you will not only look 10 years younger but you will feel it too because when we work on ourselves, we get results. Drinking lots of tap water and little, if no alcohol, is also another very good way to clear out any unwanted toxins you have, keeping your kidneys functioning properly and helping your body work in the way it should in order to be the best you can be.

Learning to truly love yourself is the key to staying young, so get rid of the past and begin to recognize you are fabulous, fun and passionate because unless you believe it, how can anyone else! I had 10 years living without any money and in this time I was forced to find really cheap ways to keep on top of my personal grooming and maintenance, which in reality is quite easy when you are broke because you cannot afford to do all the bad things like smoking and drinking, so you end up by default looking and feeling fantastic on a shoestring budget.

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