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The Truth About Chocolate

posted on September 27, 2013 15:33 by

I will admit, once upon a time, going from being a shopaholic to a chocaholic almost overnight which led me to gain some unwanted weight in all the wrong places and left me feeling pretty miserable and unhealthy. These days, since enlightenment and some education about what is real chocolate and what are just sugar and toxins, I avoid anything white, milk and go only for 80% cocoa dark.

The truth is anything that is addictive is bad for you. When I was growing up we would be given a few squares of chocolate as a special treat unlike now in this over indulgent society that thinks nothing of scoffing a family size jumbo chocolate bar in one go. Craving chocolate is an unhealthy urge related to emotional mood swings and boredom grazing, so taking a serious look at how much you consume and why you do it makes complete sense if you want to be healthy.

Chocolate that is not cocoa dark contains a lot of sugar and caffeine, an aging stimulant that puts your body into stress mode, making you feel tired, so that you crave more of what made you tired in the first place.  Chocolate will give you an initial kick start but it is not lasting, has no health benefits and contains phenyl ethylamine; better known as the love drug, an addictive fake high that only makes you feel good short term.

It is true that 80% cocoa dark chocolate is good for your health in moderation because it can help prevent heart disease and improve moods. Just like tea, cocoa dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are compounds that act as antioxidants. These flavonoids protect your cells from harmful molecules called free radicals produced to break down food that can cause cell damage.

Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news but better to understand why you’re addicted and damaging your health, than keep siting on the sofa, piling on the pounds, feeling constantly bloated with yo yo mood swing syndrome. Both shopping and chocolate addiction need big beware signs written all over them to keep you focused on a little controlled indulgence and self-discipline.  

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