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Plus Size Wars

posted on April 23, 2015 16:12 by

I was watching Channel 4 the other evening when a program called Plus Sized Wars caught my attention. I was excited. As you all know I am creating clothes for the curvier woman with my perfect black leggings.

After spending the day rushing around central London I had spotted pretty much every girl in either active wear, yoga pants or black leggings so I was quite interested in seeing what this program had to say about Plus Size fashion and where it was going.

At the beginning when I saw Sir Philip Green on the front row of the Evans catwalk show I felt quite excited, finally a high street brand that offer affordable luxury to young wanna be fashionistas had actually given some thought to the curvier girl, normally unheard of on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. I have to admit the fashion they were showing for a size 16-18 seemed a lot hipper and definitely looked like it could be a winner but as the program went on the subject matter grew darker as the words "plus size" were replaced with "fat".

I am not one to judge but as a life coach and somebody who promotes a healthy lifestyle  it seemed like the program was talking about two extremes, the starving stick insect and the cake loving fat girl neither category I put in plus size.

By the time the program introduced the American blogger Tess Holliday (pictured) with an enormous social media following at a good size 24 plus wearing skimpy underwear and a pretty face I had to wonder how could she be the new face of fashion for the masses?

I truly think if we normalise obesity and fashion becomes about only making money we are heading for a very unhealthy society. Should these plus size brands be pandering and exploiting the obese’s problems or should we recognise that a healthy plus size girls can be beautiful, fashionable and a reality of modern day life?

You only had to watch all the very big girls queuing up and crying when they met their idol Tess, to conclude being fat is linked back to bullying and emotional eating that kind of almost isolates these individuals into groups causing them to stick together in the same way other addicted people do.

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