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The Mind Detective

The Mind Detective by Shirley Yanez - Get your copy direct from the publisher and save £8.39


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With our precious NHS stretched to capacity, many people desperately in need of talking therapy (not just the homeless and the addicted) are not in a position to pay for help. When Shirley lost all her money and endured a mental health hell for a time she too found herself unable to pay for help. So for the last 14 years Shirley, the Leicester life coach has been working in the community offering free talk therapy events and free one to one coaching.  Her latest book, The Mind Detective, a memoir, a self talk therapy guide and "The Secret" all rolled into one can be ordered from book shops all over the world including Amazon and The Telegraph Bookshop

To coincide with the publisher's Austin MacCauley non fiction release Shirley is hosting a series of Free Talk Therapy Events in her home town of Leicester, UK and has made an audio series "Help Me" tackling the most common reoccurring themes in her therapy sessions. If you have a "Help Me" question for Shirley subscribe and leave a comment on the YOU TUBE channel. Find out what the book is all about and how Shirley"s experience might help you too. 

Here's a link to a film made by students at Leicester University after working with Shirley in 2012 to highlight mental health awareness and show how it doesn't matter if you are young or old, educated or not, rich or poor we all need the help of The Mind Detective at some time in our lives.


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After losing millions, ending up homeless, penniless, dying, down and out in Hollywood, City of London self made businesswoman of substance is back, recovered and reinvented as The Mind Detective, ready to help you solve the mystery of your own mind’s madness. Read self help books a million times but still cannot change? Or worse, endured years of therapy and ended up more confused than when you started? Still searching for the secret to working yourself out? Meet the Mind Detective.


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