Looking For Harvey Weinstein

Looking For Harvey Weinstein

The Hollywood expose that puts the "Double" in Double Cross. Could this little pink book be among books Harvey Weinstein carries into court next? A real life "no guts no glory" tawdry tale, a true story Hollywood tried it's best to shut down, you will have a good old laugh out loud. 

Now 14 years on Harvey Weinstein ironically faces the fight of his own life as the Weinstein trial began in New York, 6th January, 2020. 

Hold on, it's going to be bumpy, anything is possible in LA LA Land.

"A fast paced essential read for Hollywood virgins, wannabes, dreamers and anyone who loves to laugh.
The A list celebrity cast always over shadowed by the blundering, badgering, ball busting Brits whose work schedule and Los Angeles business itinerary revolves around boozing, brothels and far too many bong hits although reading between the lines there is a distinct whiff of wisdom in the words. 
Insightful, inspirational and intelligent, this remarkable landmark first edition is an exotic, complex tale that redefines the word hustler." LA Times Preview
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A three year journey for two lifelong best friends trying to save the fate of the Modern Day Michelangelo, a Russian fresco master, exploited, broken by the system and struggling for survival somewhere in Inglewood, California. Selling magnificent art to the elusive Hollywood celebrity, in Los Angeles, (where a fresco is a type of soda) proves difficult but surely not impossible with the help of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein? This documented true story will take you on a roller coaster ride of side splitting, gut churning, shocking revelations about the inner workings of the Hollywood Elite, an impenetrable closed shop where all the real power belongs to a only a handful of people and truly anything goes. The original manuscript, a Roman A Clef written to impress Mr. Weinstein, then head of Miramax Films and producer Barbara Schneeweiss his then right hand woman was never intended for publication but one thing you learn "Swimming With Sharks" expect the unexpected and never trust anyone in Hollywood.



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