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Is Christmas Becoming Miss Havisham?

posted on November 23, 2013 14:31 by

I keep trying really hard to escape anything to do with Christmas but where ever I go, I end up being forced to listen to jingle bells or people rushing around stressed because they have not got Uncle Bob his woolly socks yet and there is only 4 weeks left to go. What is wrong with everyone? They must be depressed that this one day in December has this endless build up starting in October with subliminal festive music creeping in on TV ads and not ending until January.

The whole thing just reminds me of Miss Havisham, stuck in time, never doing anything new or original like maybe just relaxing and enjoying the break, instead of this mad frenzy of over indulgence and over spending. Why is it that the same Christmas songs are played every year and everyone has nothing on their mind but a new LBD, turkey, gift buying for people who always return them and family fall outs? I don't get it and don't like Christmas as you might be able to tell but I have no choice as I am forced to be reminded at every turn, the dreaded day looms.

Last year I told my family, which is big, to not buy me a gift but just give me their time and I would be doing the same, yet on Christmas Eve at the ritual sherry and mince pies gathering with carols thrown in, I noticed loads of gifts addressed to me under the tree. I was forced to rush to the corner shop and panic buy things so I did not end up looking like Miss Scrooge. The nice man behind the counter came to my rescue and suggested I buy them all a scratch card each and I was over the moon with the idea which solved the problem and caused me no unnecessary stress.

The scratch cards were a hit after lunch and ended up becoming quite entertaining as two out of 15 people won something worth winning. I ended up getting quite good kudos for coming up with something original and it did not push me into debt either which is such a big worry for most this time of year when the pressure from big brands leaves many suicidal and desperate to just run away until it is all over.

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