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Getting In The Spirit

posted on November 06, 2013 14:49 by

I am and always will be capable of drinking a drunk under the table, after being brought up in poverty by a tough as old boots Glaswegian alcoholic mother and a workaholic father, so the subject matter today is right up my street and a subject I now teach others about. I have been pretty much tee total for the past 10 years, after a lifetime partying, boozing and generally living my life in the dangerous but fun filled choppy waters of the dark side, that was until I discovered how to master controlled indulgence.

I was able to change the way I thought about my old lifestyle in order to see it in a different way from a more clear, less cloudy place and soon began to truly shed light on why I was able to con myself into thinking I was having a good time, when in fact I was blocking it all out. After a lifetime of horrible hangovers, always getting over or looking forward to a drink and no real memory of the good times I had had because if you’re intoxicated, everything becomes a blur.  I now actually hate the idea of not having any memory.

Life is such a great experience when you live it and don't take it for granted because in reality everyday could be your last, so wasting it on being wasted, makes no sense what so ever. I shared a really good bottle of white Burgundy yesterday over lunch with a friend, about two large glasses each and although it tasted very good at the time, I paid for it later with a persistent, dull pain in my head. In my old life I would never stop at just two glasses or two cocktails because this level of alcohol is not enough to give you the desired buzz and always leaves you feeling rough, so constant guzzling became the only way to enjoy drinking for me.

I always say, if you cannot imagine having a good time without having alcohol, you are addicted, potentially depressed and without a doubt missing out on living your life to the full. Ask yourself the question why do I drink every day and then honesty answer it because this will give you the reason why you’re miserable and also what you need to change in order to be fulfilled, happy and not reliant on booze to give you a fake high.

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