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Five Reasons To Buy British Made Clothes

Five Reasons To Buy British Made Clothes

posted on April 20, 2015 14:11 by Shirley Yanez

Once upon a time my home town of Leicester was the heart of British fashion manufacturing. Big companies like Marks and Spencers, Burberry and Next (started in Leicester) would choose small family run mills and factories to produce their fabrics and stitch their garments. Many of these companies were given a fair and sustainable price by  big brands and the industry was buzzing creating jobs and decent salaries for hard working families.

Today it is a completely different story as big brands have looked to the Far East and India to use cheaper labour and inferior fabrics to give their customers what can only be described as throwaway, disposable fashion, the buzz word is fast fashion. Leicester and the Midlands are now ghost towns with decaying factories, soaring unemployment and little hope for the once booming fashion manufacturing business.

I am sure you have all bought those nasty, see through black leggings that split at the seams available in many supermarkets and High Street stores that cost anywhere between £3 and £10 per pair, often having to buy 2 pairs to prevent a bare bum disaster.

It is such a shame that these big brands don’t recognise these days there are a growing number of ethical consumers who not only want affordable luxury but also want to stop children being exploited just for a fashion fix. I am committed with my Venus Cow brand, and the PBL to bring ethical, affordable quality, Made in England, staple pieces that stand the test of time as well as provide a much needed boost for local manufacturing.

Here are my five top reasons why I believe you should support British Manufacturing.

1.       In order for the UK to get back on the world map doing what we do the best. Every person investing in fashion should read the content label very closely and not buy into cheap garments that have been made anywhere where slave labour is rife.

2.       Buying British will guarantee you quality, durability and better value for money in the long run.

3.       There is currently a Fashion Revolution occurring in 68 countries across the world to stamp out exploitation of labour and unethical manufacturing. We are all being encouraged to ask our favourite brands the right questions about their often quietly guarded production sources and demanding they fess up to where garments are made and by whom.  Join them today. #whomademyclothes #fashrev

4.       Like ants who all work together for the same purpose we need to do the same. When we all stop buying into the hyped up marketing of over priced designer named goods many of which are manufactured by the same cheaper, unethical sources, brands that care more about profit than people are forced to change.

5.       Buying British not only means being patriotic but proud to keep premium craftmanship and skills alive. It also allows smaller, lesser known brands to flourish providing local jobs and helps the UK as a whole compete on the world stage once again.

It is important in these current times to be mindful about every action you take and the impact that action has on our neighbours and our planet. I now demand ethical affordable luxury for myself, have stopped shopping completely with brands unless they are completely transparant. I have done my research and Venus Cow produces for the price the best quality leggings for every woman and girl who lives in activewear and yogapants, especially my plus size customers, who cannot find a legging that goes beyond exercising and delivers comfort and style into the evening.


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