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Fountain Of Youth Tutorial

How Far Will You Go To Look Younger?

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We live in a mad world right now where injecting poison into our faces, fillers, implants, Botox and other sometimes unknown, unidentified substances is becoming normal practice in order to retain youth and fight off aging but at what cost?

Weight Loss Tutorial

Losing weight to reach your goal of a sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for anyone

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Your diet is your lifestyle, so if you desire a fab slim figure, loads of energy and the secret to happiness, in a long fun packed life, you have to invest your time in creating an eating plan that includes no more than 2000 calories a day, including alcohol

How To Break Bad Habits

In order for you to change your negative bad habits, you have to understand what they are

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Start your journal and make a list of all the times you feel sad, hungry, angry, tired or just unable to motivate yourself

Sex Tutorial

Sex like any other addiction is something you have to not confuse with your happiness.

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So if sex is about mating, nesting and marriage, common sense tells us we should make sure we pick the right one.

Controlled Indulgence Tutorial

Unless you learn how to think for yourself, you will never get what you desire

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Controlled indulgence is all about being able to have a bit of what you fancy, now and again, without it becoming a compulsive addiction you need to get you through your life.

You Are What You Eat Tutorial

The key to losing weight and feeling great is simple, we have to learn to change our bad habits and develop a healthy lifestyle.

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People can be addicted to food just like drugs and alcohol. A battle with compulsive over eating, food addiction, can last for years, so how do we begin to win the battle of the bulge?

Happiness Tutorial

So if being happy is as simple as just appreciating what you have, why are so many of us unhappy?

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Happiness comes from mastering the art of appreciation and learning to enjoy what you have

Alcohol Tutorial

It is almost impossible to judge our own drinking patterns because if it’s part of daily life

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Drinking alcohol like any other addiction is lethal if you are trying to forget your misery because you have to be happy sober, to ever be a happy drunk

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