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Shopping Tutorial

Shopping addiction is like all other addictions

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Shopping addiction is like all other addictions, a quick fix in the moment with more remorse than reward in the long term

Manage Debt

You have to be happy poor to ever be happy rich

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Spend one week living on just £50 and see how far you get

Weight Loss

So why is it so hard to lose weight?

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Losing weight will increase your feeling of self worth, improving your life and inspiring your mind

Food Addiction

So how to break away from your fridge and break your food addiction

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You are what you eat and must learn how to break away from your food addiction


Don’t be fooled by the word love and make all the classic mistakes we make when we are desperate to be loved

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Sometimes we let love blind us and other times we let it help us to see

Shopping Addiction

Aspiration and status anxiety is responsible for our current misery

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Too much shopping may give us the lift we crave just like any other addiction but the feeling is temporary and not the reality

Controlled Indulgence

Controlled indulgence is the key to training your brain into saying enough is enough

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By learning to recognise and respond when you are stepping over the fine line to being out of control you can have your cake and eat it


Common sense tells us if we ignore the facts and still continue to smoke every day we will age prematurely

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Don’t smoke, choke and smell like an old ashtray, it’s stupid.

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