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Self Discipline and Will Power
Venus Cow
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Self Discipline and Will Power

Self discipline is your common sense

Venus Cow says "The best way to victory is to conquer yourself"

The truth is, we are all guilty of being lazy. Practising willpower and self discipline plays an important role in any quest towards overcoming the uncontrollable appetite for addictive behaviour.

Willpower and self discipline is our ability to say no to unnecessary or harmful impulses, an inner strength to prevent us indulging in useless habits.

Venus Cow says, "Self discipline is your common sense."

Willpower helps you resist wanting immediate gratification, the instant fix, the cream cake, the vodka, the orgasm and helps you seek something more meaningful that takes more time and effort on your part, the work.

Getting high, using drugs, alcohol, sex or food, will always take you away from having to face your truth, that is for sure but a little bit of indulgence, at the appropriate time is not a problem as long as you are in control of it and it is not in control of you. Lack of self discipline and willpower is the lazy road to long term misery, not only for you but for those around you.

It is time to overcome your laziness and convince yourself, with some inner strength and self determination you will be able to resist your unhealthy desires.

Venus Cow says, "Learn to think before you act. Self control is the key to giving up any addiction."

Learning to do something that you would normally prefer not to do, due to being lazy or weak is what is called overcoming inner resistance. Learn to slap yourself round the head and mean it. Getting more control over your life and your destiny, with your new inner strength, you will see change which will immediately improve your bad habits.

Next time you find your self slumped in front of the TV with a pile of ironing in the cupboard, get off your butt and learn to iron at the same time as watching TV, killing two birds with one stone.

Go to your journal and make a list of all the things you have been meaning to do for ages, then tick them off one by one then write down how you feel about your achievements.

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